All you need to do to get up to $500 is to provide contact information for your referral who you think would benefit from Webgility, just like you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do you receive the $500?

    Once your referral has committed to using Webgility and has completed the 30 day opt-out period, we will send you (the referrer) an email notifying you that your payout is on its way. We will give you the monthly recurring revenue of the new customer you refer up to $500 per each new customer. The email will also provide a link for you to refer more ecommerce business owners and managers who you believe will benefit from Webgility.

  • What happens after you submit a referral?

    Our business development team will call your referral and the sales process begins, just like when you were initially shown how Webgility will save your company time and money.

  • What happens if your referral is not interested?

    We will send you an email letting you know that your referral was not interested.

  • How can you help speed up the process?

    Have a discussion with your referral about what Webgility has done for your operations and how they can realize the same type of savings in time and money while benefiting from streamlined operations. We have found that speaking to them in terms of dollars or percentages ("I increased my sales 37% in the first month of using Webgility!" Or "I grossed $42k in March of last year. This year, I grossed $67k and the only thing I did differently was adding Webgility.") sparks the most interest in potential Webgility users.

  • What is the deadline for this promotion?

    Never ending! We love referrals, and we value you as a customer for providing them.

  • Will the referral know that you're getting $500 if they agree to use Webgility?

    No. Unless you tell them!