Time-wasting data entry, needless clearing accounts, wire-thin profit margins, unnecessary financial risk—these are all symptoms of an Amazon Store in desperate need of an operational makeover. Since accurate, timely account reconciliation is key to your business’ survival, Webgility’s new reconciliation tools are your secret weapons.

In this important webinar, Webgility CEO Parag Mamnani will reveal:
  • The biggest barriers to profitability for Amazon sellers
  • Small tweaks to data flow that show big financial insights
  • A way to instantly sync fees, expenses, missing orders, and refunds for each Amazon Settlement cycle
  • How to accurately reconcile your Amazon Settlement Report—before your finances self-destruct

Our Presenters

Host: Allegra Mitchell
  • Webgility Head of Customer Success Engineering

  • Ecommerce expert

Special Guest: Parag Mamnani
  • Webgility Founder and CEO
  • Ecommerce veteran